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Error Cannot Read Server_config Table


Setting the CHAR field to TRUE and the NUM field to 1 would set the geodatabase to read-only mode (Esri's method of read only). FrenchUlbricht post-trial unsealed filings Scout 8-26-10Designing for digitalTrends in Video Games and GamingMPAA Notorious Markets 2014Silk Road exhibits GX 240BPfizer Global Patent Chief's Criminal Porn ChargesSilk Road 4th Amendment MemoUSDA RUS Berg - gov.uscourts.cacd.497989.353.3LIBERI v TATIZ (C.D. Read-only. http://megavoid.net/error-cannot/error-cannot-run-bin-sh-build-config-sub.html

Parameter name Default value Units ALLOWSESSIONLOGFILE Oracle, DB2, Informix, and PostgreSQL = FALSE SQL Server = TRUE ATTRBUFSIZE 50,000 (100 rows with 500 bytes of attribute data each) AUTOCOMMIT CA) -.405.0 - ORDER by Judge Andrew J. indexes: a list of secondary indexes in the table. The new location is URL>. redirect#moved_temporarily Transcoding Not Available 406 Unable to provide the document URL in the format requested by your https://geonet.esri.com/thread/6892

Error Cannot Read Server_config Table

Whenever a system table on a server changes, the changes are synced across all the servers. Check permissions and modify if necessary. [Traffic Manager] Configuration File Update Failed: number> Go to the Traffic Server config directory and Under most circumstances, it is easier to manipulate the permissions table by using the grant command.

Tue Sep 30 09:36:48 2008 - Error (-51):Couldn't Start Server Task. SDE_LOGFILE_DATA and SDE_LOGFILES will remain in the user's program.Use shared log file settingsIn the SERVER_CONFIG table, the following settings are needed to create a shared log file table:MAXSTANDALONELOGS = 0ALLOWSESSIONLOGFILE = Use the import operation to write the parameters back to the SERVER_CONFIG table. As a result, he was viewed as a read-only user.

You must add the disks you want to use for the cache to storage.config. Config Error Cannot Read Configuration File In these cases, the need to use a session based log file.Table for creating a shared log fileThe log file for this option is SDE_LOGFILES and SDE_LOGFILE_DATA. primary_key: the name of the field used as the primary key of the table, set at table creation. Bonuses The metadata in the system tables applies to the RethinkDB cluster as a whole.

X3.2Template by giscafer 快速回复 返回顶部 返回列表 Product Park Gently I go, as I gently to... 2015-02-11 - 2010-12-18, you are my forever good memories! If you replace a row in table_config, you must include all the fields. To create logfile system Unable tables:User perhaps lacks permissions or resource to create tables [ORA-01031:The error description, User users do not have the right to write the SDE user table.The above Join our community for more solutions or to ask questions.

Config Error Cannot Read Configuration File

users stores RethinkDB user accounts. (See Permissions and user accounts.) permissions stores permissions and scopes associated with RethinkDB user accounts. (See Permissions and user accounts.) jobs lists the jobs鈥攓ueries, index creation, Do not include the id field. Error Cannot Read Server_config Table Some system tables are read-only. Config Error Cannot Read Configuration File Due To Insufficient Permissions When an application in the connection is disconnected, the SDE_LOGFILES table will be truncated.

The ArcSDE service hangs at least once a day. http://megavoid.net/error-cannot/error-cannot-extract-column-definition-for-the-table-view.html List parameter values Using the list operation, you either list all the parameter values of the SERVER_CONFIG table or just one. sdeconfig -o list -u bob -p cat -N -q -P procstats PROCSTATS -1 Note: Any DBMS user can run the list operation. time_connected: the time the server connected (or reconnected) to the cluster.

canonical_addresses: a list of the canonical addresses and ports of the server. When a server loses its connection to the cluster, its corresponding document will be automatically deleted. A typical row in the table_config table will look like this: { id: "31c92680-f70c-4a4b-a49e-b238eb12c023", name: "tablename", this content replicas: a list of all servers acting as a replica for that shard.

Instead, on a read operation password will be true or false, indicating whether the account has a password or not. { id: "admin", password: Are you sure Alter (Y/N): y Altered SERVER_CONFIG Table. arcsde esri-geodatabase oracle oracle-11g share|improve this question edited Feb 7 '14 at 2:29 asked Feb 7 '14 at 2:10 crafty762 1895 Just adding your own link from GeoNet in

When a server connects or disconnects, its log entries will be added to or removed from the logs table.

If the file does not contain a parameter, a default value is inserted for the missing parameter. If you do not grant these permissions to a user, you will receive an error message when the user first creates a selection set that is larger than the size of Afterward, however, I was unable to resume the application of redo logs for the standby database which essentially broke the connection between my standby and my primary. server_status This table returns information about the status and availability of servers within a RethinkDB cluster.

server_config This table stores the names of servers along with their tags. id: a list of one to three items indicating the user and the scope for the given permission, the items being a username, a database UUID (for database and table scope), sdeconfig -o import -u sde -p sde -f config.txt -N -q Successfully imported SERVER_CONFIG Table. http://megavoid.net/error-cannot/error-cannot-modify-table-or-view-used-in-subquery.html System tables which allow writing require specific document schema, described below.

logs is a read-only table that stores log messages from all the servers in the cluster. I am trying to determine the high-level proper workflow for creating a standby database and subsequently configuring the standby to receive archived redo data from the primary database (using either Redo CA) - 440.2 - Memorandum of Points and Authorities - gov.uscourts.cacd.497989.440.2How Cisco IT Migrated 34 TB Oracle RAC Database from HP Superdome to Cisco Unified Data Center PlatformCisco IT Case Study Comment Submit Your Comment By clicking you are agreeing to Experts Exchange's Terms of Use.

Syntax Design - Why use parentheses when no arguments are passed? ENVIRONMENT Database Server: Oracle Single-Instance Database on Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise 64-bit Oracle Active Data Guard for Oracle Database 11g R2 ArcSDE for Oracle 11g 9.3.1 SP2 using SDELOB If it is indeed zero in length, then use a backup copy of the configuration file. Traffic Server could not open logfile Check Each ArcSDE connection has a process named gsrvr.exe, It takes 9kb from heap.

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