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Error Cannot Map Low Memory Globals Operation Not Permitted


Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit: Compile the sheep_net driver Goto SheepShaver/src/Unix/Linux/Netdriver and enter “make”, “sudo make install”, “sudo chown “yourusername” /dev/sheep_net” Use the sheep_net driver: “sudo modprobe sheep_net” ubuntu.txt · Last modified: AipsWiz: -- done AipsWiz: =====> Configure AIPS Tape drives... gv, ghostview, pageview AipsWiz: And the valid AIPS printer options are: AipsWiz: NONE (default), nothing special. Package writers are encouraged to use this version of the specification as basis for new interfaces. http://megavoid.net/error-cannot/error-cannot-get-memory-statistics-from-device.html

Your X Windows needs to operate in either 8-bit PseudoColor or 24-bit TrueColor mode. So you can easily restart an interrupted install attempt, without re-entering all your settings. Note that this would be a good time, if you are compiling with gfortran, to decide what to do with the pseudo-array processor memory. The default is /home/aips/AIPS [You may also type B for back, or Q to Quit] AipsWiz: ===> AIPS Root area: /opt/aips NOTE WELL: This screen will set where you want the

Error Cannot Map Low Memory Globals Operation Not Permitted

The first is a simple directory, while the second is a symbolic link pointing to /tmp but that will appear to the AIPS user as /opt/aips/DATA/MINE_2. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Still running the patched SheepShaver V2.3-Pre (Dec 15 2009) by Christian Bauer and Mar"c" Hellwig which seems a lot more stable on Ubuntu Maverick than Lucid.

This form should be called outside of a transaction, and is intended for use in recovery. This attribute will be None for operations that do not return rows or if the cursor has not had an operation invoked via the .execute*() method yet. table not found or already exists, syntax error in the SQL statement, wrong number of parameters specified, etc. I used C size of APCORE; > 1000 -> fixed C PARAMETER (PKPWRD = 2) PARAMETER (PKPWRD = 200000000) when testing the compiler versions listed above.

Modules are free to return the old style return values, but these are no longer mandated by the specification and should be considered database interface dependent. Basilisk2 Post-publishing additions to the DB API 2.0 specification: Additional optional DB API extensions to the set of core functionality were specified. Between screens 9 and 10, install.pl does a quick check on whether some of the AIPS services are already defined, either in /etc/services, or in a NIS (YP) services map. http://www.emaculation.com/doku.php/ubuntu If mode is relative (default), value is taken as offset to the current position in the result set, if set to absolute , value states an absolute target position.

Warning Message: "DB-API extension cursor.__iter__() used" Cursor .lastrowid This read-only attribute provides the rowid of the last modified row (most databases return a rowid only when a single INSERT operation is Patches to frozen versions After a version of AIPS is "frozen", changes will be made to the code for significant errors. All error and warning messages generated by the database are placed into this list, so checking the list allows the user to verify correct operation of the method calls. Skip to content ▼ Close Python PSF Docs PyPI Jobs Community ▲ The Python Network ≡ Menu Search This Site GO A A Smaller Larger Reset Socialize Google+ Facebook Twitter Chat


It is now set for the GNU 3.2 and later compilers, with OPT2="-O2". Cat_7 Top ClockWise Post subject: Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 2:25 pm Site Admin Joined: Mon May 20, 2002 4:37 amPosts: 3479Location: Uiwang I get this message: chown: Error Cannot Map Low Memory Globals Operation Not Permitted You now have your own working MacOS 9 environment. Redundant Robot Sheepshaver Rom If you haven't installed the networking driver, you'll see an error message about that until you do.

Data area definition 8. check over here TimeFromTicks ( ticks ) This function constructs an object holding a time value from the given ticks value (number of seconds since the epoch; see the documentation of the standard Python Normally, one only wants to include disk data areas local to the current host. It is important that the host name in caps appear in the data area name. Mac Os 9 Rom

Debug Libs too: If you are doing code development in AIPS, you may want to have two sets of AIPS libraries: one with optimized routines, the other with non-optimized and debug Please indicate whether you want to - add (N)ew printers - (D)iscover your system's printers (may not work), - (A)ccept the current settings as is, or - (R)eset to clear the Should you choose to run the Midnight Job, the 'begin date' will be set to YYYYMMDD, which is ONE day before the generation time of the 31DEC16.tar.gz file. his comment is here darkalMay 25th, 2008, 03:01 PMI have found the solution and hope it helps others.

AipsWiz: Unpacking apparently worked (total of 5769 files) AipsWiz: ==> Press to continue:: The "dot printing" will not be at a uniform speed, as of course the size of each chunk You may run this fairly primitive script after the installation if you want. We now apply patches to the NEW version at NRAO and rebuild the binaries and tar ball.

AipsWiz: (printing a dot every 100 files for your amusement... ..........................................................

Readline Library: If you have a Linux system, the wizard will tell AIPS to use your library for any recompiles. AipsWiz: Building the UNSHR program for LINUX... OSNews Forgot Password · Register Login to OSNews Username or EmailPassword Search OSNews Advanced Search Submit News RSS Home Originals News Archive Shopping Topics FAQs Contact Advertise Howto: MacOS 9 on It is a 32-bit Debian package for Ubuntu and Debian.

jQuery © 2008 John Resig Reproduction of OSNews stories is permitted only with explicit authorization from OSNews. Warning Message: "DB-API extension cursor.next() used" Cursor .__iter__ () Return self to make cursors compatible to the iteration protocol [8] . AipsWiz: -- Done. weblink If by some chance you enter something silly like SOL for a Linux machine, this will be stored in the .AIPSRC file and will come back to haunt you later!

AipsWiz: Compiling PWD... If you're using Gnome then: "gksu gedit /etc/sysctl.conf" Networking If you plan to use the sheep_net driver for networking (see the networking section below for more detail), you can set it The older packages I used were stable, but I'm not getting that here. Emaculation.com site policy is to not offer or link to ROM files, although Apple seems to have stopped taking action against distribution of ROM files.

AipsWiz: Text printing set up for 'A' size paper AipsWiz: -- done AipsWiz: =====> Configure AIPS data areas ... Printer setup 9. If not, enter the correct architecture (or ? Implementations are free to have this method do nothing and users are free to not use it.

If you have run the wizard before from this account, and have let it unpack the tarball, you will get a different menu: Screen 0: Re-Introduction ------------------------- Welcome back to the When called with a transaction ID xid , the database commits the given transaction. Implementations must observe this value with respect to the .fetchmany() method, but are free to interact with the database a single row at a time. Once you do this, the wizard will now try to figure out your architecture by looking at various clues in its environment: Screen 5a: Site type: ------------------------------------ ****** READ CAREFULLY -

TPC Transaction IDs As many databases follow the XA specification, transaction IDs are formed from three components: a format ID a global transaction ID a branch qualifier For a particular global EDIT: a version for CentOS x64 without JIT functionality is available in the top posting. If you are using the GNU 2.95.3 compiler, a different set of OPT2 options is present in the file. AipsWiz: =====> Configuring your AIPS_ROOT area...