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Error Call To Unsupported Instruction On Atmega8


Pri detekování prekážky dotykovými senzory robot couvne, otocí se doleva a pokracuje v jízde. Sep 2, 2004 - 08:13 PM 12345Total votes: 0 Another post, had me curious abouut the availability of jmp & call on the mega 8. chce si to pohrát edit-nebo je R15 bez kontaktu a vyrobils studený spoj a vnitřní odpor SFH5110 neni schopen svým nad 20k odporem vyrobit 1. Po nahrani tohoto programu: 1. http://megavoid.net/error-call/error-call.html

Like for other programming languages, the goal should be to eliminate all errors and warnings before the program goes into production. Volná jízda – robot jede prímým smerem a pri nalezení prekážky infrasenzorem zabocí vpravo a pokracuje v jízde. Sep 2, 2004 - 11:37 AM Fivestar widget 12345Total votes: 0 It seems like I suddenly starting getting these messages from the assembler. Log in or register to post comments Top glitch Level: Raving Lunatic Joined: Sat. Homepage

Error Call To Unsupported Instruction On Atmega8

Sep 30, 2003 Posts: 42 View posts Location: Trondheiim, Norway #13 Posted by kruse: Fri. this saves one cycle per instruction.

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This is a BAD practice. I have an old datasheet that does list them as supported instructions, while the latest versions do not. Setting -mrelax just adds the --mlink-relax option to the assembler's command line and the --relax option to the linker's command line.

I've just had a bunch of problems with a small assembler program, I wrote. http://saundby.com/ Log in or register to post comments Top davidking Level: Rookie Joined: Fri. Díky moc ! In particular, EIND is not saved/restored in function or interrupt service routine prologue/epilogue.

režimu na levé IR diodě klesne napětí na 0.6 V,a svítí na displeji furt 1 (před robotem není překážka) .Pravá dioda má furt svoje konstatní napětí 1.3V i se spušťeném či V provozu nejsou žádné senzory, robot se na volném prostoru projede, predvede pár otocek apod. 2. Without this option, the X register may be used in the same way as Y or Z which then is emulated by additional instructions. http://www.avrfreaks.net/forum/previously-good-code-not-compiling-after-upgrade The simulator, like the assembler, is a creature of software and should not be entirely trusted in this matter.

Looking at the help file in AVRStudio (AVR tools->AVR Assembler 2->Command-line invocation syntax), it states that the illegal instruction is a command line option and the default is on. Sep 25, 2002 Posts: 9 View posts #2 Posted by saundby: Fri. avrxmega7“XMEGA” devices with more than 128KiB of program memory and more than 64KiB of RAM. avr31“Classic” devices with 128KiB of program memory.

This is the case for devices with at least 16KiB of program memory. __AVR_HAVE_EIJMP_EICALL____AVR_3_BYTE_PC__The device has the EIJMP and EICALL instructions. http://electronix.ru/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t66534.html It should either warn, and inform of the substitution, or it should generate an error, and fail to complete. (my preference is for the latter, I don't like the assembler doing Error Call To Unsupported Instruction On Atmega8 Uživatel: Heslo: Založ si svůj profil › Reklama Programování ATMEGA8 – Assembler – Fórum – Programujte.com Weby a webové aplikaceDesktopový vývojMobilní aplikaceDatabázeDesignElektrotechnikaOstatní FÓRUM Rozšířené hledání › Reklama According to the Instruction Set Summary, this part has no JMP or CALL Answer: The program memory is organized as 4K x 16, so there are only 4k program memory locations.

Reasonable values for cost are small, non-negative integers. weblink The Mega8's I have are mostly from one of the first full-volume runs when Mega8 first appeared in larger numbers. Nimm rcall statt call. MOJE VERZE:

;Program pro sledování čáry

;*********** INICIALIZACE *********************************************


What I do know is the following: - Devices with 8kB or less flash don't need JMP/CALL, because the entire flash can be reached with RJMP/RCALL. - The latest data sheet The assembler and simulator seem to think the mega8 can execute the opcode for a jmp instruction (see my >>very<< simple experiment in my post above and the resulting .lst output). Linker relaxation must be turned on so that the linker generates the stubs correctly in all situations. navigate here avrtiny“TINY” Tiny core devices with 512B up to 4KiB of program memory.

There is a number of reasons for such changes, including hardware changes (reflecting changes in data sheet), correction of errors in the files, or software changes (in this case, new assembler). mcu= atmega103, at43usb320. Ich hoffe ihr habt irgendein Lösungsvorschlag für mich ;) Danke schonmal und Gruß Beitrag melden Bearbeiten Thread verschieben Thread sperren Thread löschen Thread mit anderem zusammenführen Markierten Text zitieren Antwort Antwort

But I also have one dated early this year (can't remember the exact week number right now).

Tak pri 6. Why don't you connect unused hot and neutral wires to "complete the circuit"? glitch wrote:I agree totally, and believe this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Now with the latest assmbler I get warning message.

Notice that startup code is a blend of code from libgcc and AVR-LibC. Is this a known bug (I couldn't find anything in the known issues or by searching this forum). Jan 12, 2002 Posts: 8685 View posts Location: Canada #14 Posted by glitch: Fri. his comment is here avrxmega4“XMEGA” devices with more than 64KiB and up to 128KiB of program memory.

Wichtige Regeln - erst lesen, dann posten! In order to facilitate indirect jump on devices with more than 128Ki bytes of program memory space, there is a special function register called EIND that serves as most significant part I have used an old....... Vyhodnocovat se podle mne má chvíli po té co se rozsvítí, a ne po té co se počká až skončí její dosvit ne?

Without this option, outgoing arguments are pushed before calling a function and popped afterwards. It should either warn, and inform of the substitution, or it should generate an error, and fail to complete. (my preference is for the latter, I don't like the assembler doing Nov 14, 2001 Posts: 3635 View posts Location: Charlottesville, VA USA #12 Posted by SteveN: Fri. Nahlásit jako SPAMIP: 85.193.60.– ppeter0 Návštěvník 22. 7. 2009 #33 0 Čím více programových prvků a kombinací budeme skoušet tak není oč pochybovat ;) Nahlásit jako SPAMIP: 85.193.60.– o-lox0 Super