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Error Cannot Find The Pyuno.so Library


However here is a workaround for pyuno that the python scripter can use. ERROR: Please locate this library and send your feedback to: . [toto@mageia4_64 ~]$ unoconv -f doc lettre.odt unoconv: Cannot find the pyuno library in sys.path and known paths. from OpenOffice.org Basic with tupleStrm = createUnoService( "com.sun.star.io.OutputStream" ) tupleStrm.flush() Out parameter handling UNO out parameters are handled through the python multiple return value feature. unohelper module The unohelper.py module contains some extra functions/classes, which are nice to use with pyuno, but not mandatory. his comment is here

I tried exporting the path,still gives [[email protected] unoconv]# UNOPATH=/usr/lib64/libreoffice ./unoconv -vvv -f pdf file.odt Verbosity set to level 3 DEBUG: sysname=posix, platform=linux2, python=/usr/bin/python, python-version=2.7.2 (default, Oct 27 2011, 01:40:22) [GCC 4.6.1 I tried to putting that one as first line and last line ..both didn't work me :( Owner dagwieers commented Apr 23, 2012 @Lakshmipathi Is this with v0.5 that was released Lets' assume we have the following IDL method spec long foo( [in] long first, [inout] long second, [out] third ) A python UNO object implements such a method the following way: I guess I need to update the README to reflect this better. @graaff AFAIK unoconv should cover this. https://github.com/dagwieers/unoconv/issues/49

Error Cannot Find The Pyuno.so Library

PyUNO bridge modes PyUNO can be used in three different modes: Inside the OpenOffice.org process within the scripting framework (OOo 2.0 and later only !!), Inside the python executable (and outside Already have an account? It is easy to translate Java code to python,when you know the following differences: In python you don't need queryInterface. My main aim for pyuno is to provide a good integration of OpenOffice.org's component model into python.

It is guaranteed, that there is only one instance of the struct (or exception) class per python interpreter instance. As I also spend time on the creation of a postgresql driver for OpenOffice.org, there is simply no time left for this task. sequence A sequence is in general mapped to a python tuple. Unoconv Python For example to create XComponent's type, use from com.sun.star.lang import typeOfXComponent . . .

Keywords: validated_update Dependson: Blocks: Show dependency tree /graph Reported: 2014-09-03 14:53 CEST by igor ivanov Modified: 2015-03-10 17:49 CET (History) CC List: 7 users (show) algaraad franck.villaume herman.viaene ingolf.schaefer In the following example, all calls are valid: #idl signature void takeBool( [in] boolean bool ) unoObject.takeBool( 1 ) # valid, passing true (PyUNO runtime # does the conversion unoObject.takeBool( True) Using the uno.Any in normal calls will lead to RuntimeExceptions. unoconv: Cannot find the pyuno library in sys.path and known paths.

This is especially limitation for script developers. Libreoffice Python This can be done e.g. Please push to 4 core/updates. Here is the output [[email protected] unoconv]# ./unoconv --listener -vvv & [1] 654 [[email protected] unoconv]# Verbosity set to level 3 DEBUG: sysname=posix, platform=linux2, python=/usr/bin/python, python-version=2.7.2 (default, Oct 27 2011, 01:40:22) [GCC 4.6.1

Unoconv Libreoffice

Thanks for your help :) graaff commented Apr 27, 2012 For reference I'm using libreoffice on Gentoo Linux. Unlike the Java or C++ UNO binding, the python UNO binding is not self contained. Error Cannot Find The Pyuno.so Library The constructor supports zero arguments (members get default constructed), 1 argument which the same type (copy constructor), and n arguments, where n is the number of elements of the concrete struct. Libreoffice Pyuno It will show what files it finds where.

OOo build knowledge, continue to maintain the build for both Windows and Unix platforms Reintegrate OOo's patches to python into the python source tree (if sensible) A lot of patches get this content Build the office (or at least all components, pyuno depends on) but leave out the python module. Don't use it anymore. This is a workaround, We are currently thinking about a better solution. Unoconv Install

Lakshmipathi commented Apr 26, 2012 @dagwieers I did git pull now. This may require, that you create a batch file for soffice on windows, unset PYTHONPATH in the system configuration or always start soffice from the shell with set PYTHONPATH= (windows) or The ErrCode 3088 bug looks like: https://github.com/dagwieers/unoconv/issues/226 No fix so far apart from a hint that it works on 32bit so it might be an arch-dependent issue. weblink Verbosity set to level 3 DEBUG: sysname=posix, platform=linux2, python=/usr/bin/python2.7, python-version=2.7.3 (default, May 16 2012, 18:23:34) [GCC 4.5.3] DEBUG: Found pyuno.so in /usr/lib64/libreoffice/program DEBUG: Found soffice.bin in /usr/lib64/libreoffice/program DEBUG: Found unorc in

ERROR: Please locate your office installation and send your feedback to: http://github.com/dagwieers/unoconv/issues graaff commented Apr 23, 2012 I have the same problem. Reload to refresh your session. The following example implements a com.sun.star.io.XOutputStream, which stores all data written into the stream within a ByteSequence. (Note that this is quite a poor implementation, which is just for demonstration purposes).

unoObject.setValue( UNSIGNED_LONG ) if unoObject.getValue() == UNSIGNED_LONG: . . (in rare situations) import uno unoObject.setValue( uno.Enum( "com.sun.star.uno.TypeClass", "UNSIGNED_LONG") ) if unoObject.getValue() == uno.Enum( "com.sun.star.uno.TypeClass", "UNSIGNED_LONG"): . . .

Here I managed to convert an odt to doc, but not a pdf to doc. You may create concrete enum values in two ways (suggested) by importing from enumname import enumvalue. A python list is not (!) accepted. # idl signature XInterface createInstanceWithArguments( # [in] string servicename, [in] sequence ) doc = smgr.createInstanceWithArguments( "foo.service", ("arg1",2)) Attention (since 0.9.2): The idl sequence Versioning: Python currently assumes, that native modules are built and run with identical python versions (otherwise warnings are issued).

sq006wqa01:/usr/bin# export UNOPATH=/usr/bin/libreoffice sq006wqa01:/usr/bin# echo $UNOPATH /usr/bin/libreoffice sq006wqa01:/usr/bin# unoconv -vvv --show unoconv: Cannot find a suitable pyuno library and python binary combination in /usr/lib/libreoffice ERROR: No module named uno unoconv: Cannot This solution looks really ugly, but it allows you to continue, where you otherwise could only give up or use to another implementation language. return first,2*second,second + first then such a method would be called from python the following way ret,second,third = unoObject.foo( 2, 5 , None ) print ret,second,third # results into 2,10,7 This http://megavoid.net/cannot-find/error-cannot-find-lsl.html Note, that the unocomponent file itself is not within PYTHONPATH and thus cannot be reimported by other modules.

It also means, that you can now use the unohelper.Base implementation even if you have defined your own interface types (by lazy loading the new types so that they don't get Put a file called sitecustomize.py somewhere in your PYTHONPATH containing: import sys sys.setdefaultencoding('iso8859-1') (or any other encoding you wish). State The Python-UNO bridge is feature complete, but has not been used extensively, so it may contain some bugs. Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time.

Example: vnd.sun.star.expand:$UNO_USER_PACKAGES_CACHE/MyPythonComponent.py After the module has been imported, the python loader looks for a module-global variable with the name g_ImplementationHelper, which is expected to be an instance of unohelper.ImplementationHelper. The pid of the process is appended to the string (e.g. a void method always returns a None followed by possible out parameters, so when you have a void method with one out parameter you must assign the output to two variables This should be fixed for OOo1.1.1 (see issue 21281 ).

At the CLI: $ unoconv -f doc testunoconv.odt just returned. However, unoconv should be able to find this python binary if it is in one of the known paths. important for exception handling, see below). If this works fine, python should work well in OpenOffice.org itself.

There is a known bug in the office, see #i13377#, which was not fixed for OpenOffice.org1.1. If so, could you please try a newer release, just to test if this is a regression that is already fixed, or a real bug.